ACTUAL AND BILLED QUANTITY is used when there are schemes like, “Buy 3 & get 1 free”. Here the item purchase or sold is different and bill made for those item are different. Therefore, to keep a track of how much quantity is sold or purchase & for how much quantity the bill is prepared, this type of function is used.

How to enable Actual and Bill Quantity?

  • Gateway of tally –>F11 Features–>Use Separate Actual and Billed Quantity Columns in invoice–>Yes

For Example: –

On 2/5/2023, Company purchases 15 no. of Intel Processor for Rs. 2500 per qty from Titan Pvt Ltd but bill paid only of 10 qty with bill no. TPL/0741.

Party’s A/c Name: – Titan Pvt Ltd (Under Sundry Creditors)

Purchase Ledger: – Purchase A/c (Purchase account)

Name of ItemQuantityRateAmount

Payment Voucher (F5): –

  • Account: – Kotak Bank
  • Particulars: – Titan Pvt Ltd
  • Amount: – 25,000 (Against Ref)

To View Entries U have passed, Go to

Gateway of tally—–>Display —–> Account Books—–>Ledger—–> Titan Pvt Ltd

Similarly Do the following entry.

Assignments: –

  • On 1/4/2023, Company Sold to Sony pvt ltd 200 pieces of shirts for Rs. 40 per qty but bill paid only of 100 qty of shirts with bill no. SS/5263.
  • On 2/4/2023, Company purchase from City Ltd 400 Qty of watch for Rs. 50 per Qty but bill paid only of 200 pieces of watch with wise bill no City/apr/152.
  • On 1/5/2023, Company Sold 5 dozen 400-page notebooks to Novelty and co each book rate is 56 rupees. Where was given 5 notes books as free with bill no NV/852.
  • On 2/5/2023, Company purchase 40 steel rulers from gala station shop each ruler rate is 25 rupees. Where was given 6 steel rulers as free with bill no GL/8596.
  • On 1-6-2023, Company sold 170 A 340 0.5 gel pen ruler to Mahavir stationer each ruler rate is 5 rupees. Where was given 10 gel pens as free with bill no.  MS/j/415