Manufacturing Journal Voucher in tally

  • Manufacturing or Stock journal can be created directly while creating a sale invoice. This is very useful in situation where the manufacturer has not been recorded but the invoice is prepared.
  • We Can create a manufacturing journal and enter details of the components used to produce the finished goods, or the Co-Products/By-Products/Scrap produced during the manufacture of the finished goods, and so on
  • Manufacturing Journal is used to pass the entry, when company manufactures any product or when company converts the raw materials into some finished goods.                                    

Creating Manufacturing Journal Voucher: –

Gateway of tally—–> Create—–> Voucher Types

Name: – Manufacturing Journal 

Type: – Stock journal

Method of voucher Entering: – Automatic

Use as A manufacturing journal: – Yes

Now, suppose company Manufacturing Shirt. Then We Needed Raw Material Such As Cloth, Thread, and Buttons Etc. For Manufacturing Shirt

  1. Create Unit of Measurement: –
  2. Mtr (Meters) 
  3. Qty (Quantity)
  • Creating following stock group: –
  1. Stock materials
  2. Raw materials
  • Create following Stock Items: –
  1. Cloth (Under Raw Materials)

                    Quantity-2,000 Mtrs          Rate-120      Amount- 240,000

  • Thread (Under Raw Materials)

                    Quantity-4,000 Qty         Rate-2           Amount- 8,000

  • Buttons (Under Raw Materials)

                    Quantity-10,000 Qty       Rate-5          Amount- 50,000

Now create shirt under stock material,

  • Shirt (Under Stock)

 Press F12 —–> Allow component list details (Bill of Materials) —–> Yes

Set Components (BoM)—>Yes

Component Of: Shirt

Unit of measurement: – 1

ClothMain location2 Mtrs
ThreadMain location4 Qty
ButtonMain location10 Qty

Gateways of Tally—–> Vouchers —–> Alt+F7—–> Manufacturing Journal

Name of Product: – Shirt

Qunatity:100 Qty

Cost of Components: –



Type of Additional Cost: –

Labor Charges (Under direct expense) – 5000

Freight Charges (Under direct expense) – 500

Total Cost is – 5500

Effective Cost – 35,300

Effective Rate – 353.00/ Qty

For Example: –

Sales Voucher (F8): –

Party’s A/c Name: – ABC & Co

Sales Ledger: – Sales A/c

Name of ItemQuantityRateAmount

Receipt Voucher (F6): –

Account:  SBI Bank

Particulars: ABC & Co

Amount: 25000 (Against Ref)

To view the profit, go to

Gate way of tally—–> Stock Summary—–> Stock—–> Shirt—–> Press Enter —–> Press F7