Optional Vouchers

Use of Optional Vouchers

  • If you do not want a transaction that is incomplete to affect the accounts, you can mark this as an Optional Voucher.  Once the transaction is complete, modify the voucher and post it as a Regular Voucher
  • Optional Vouchers allow you to see the impact of transactions without actually posting them.
  • Optional Vouchers can be used to forecast future sales. For example, create a New Voucher Type – Sales Forecast. Record future sales projections using this voucher type.

Press CTRL + L or click on Optional from the Button Bar. This button toggles between Regular and Optional. By marking a voucher Optional, the voucher does not get posted anywhere but remains in the Optional Voucher Register.

You can make a voucher type Optional to regular,

Gateway of Tally —–> Accounts Info —–>Voucher Types—–>select a Voucher Type—–>

Set Make Optional as default —–> Yes.

After enabling this option, any vouchers entered using this particular voucher type will be optional.

Consider an example:

Gateway of Tally  ——>  Accounting Vouchers  ——>   Journal (F7)

Note: Use Scenarios to see the effect of Optional voucher entries on reports and statements

To view all optional vouchers,

Gateway of Tally > Display > Exception Reports > Optional Vouchers.