Payroll Voucher Creation in Tally

Payroll Voucher is used to maintain all record related to employee i.e. Pay Slip, Payroll Statements, Attendance and Overtime Registers. Gratuity, Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI), National Pension Scheme (NPS).

Voucher is a document that contains details of a financial transaction and is required for recording the same into the books of accounts.

In Simple word, Payroll Accounting is calculation, management, recording, and analysis of employees’ compensation.

How to enable payroll in tally?

Gateway of tally ——-> Press F11 (features) —–> Enable below option

Maintain Payroll —–> Yes

Enable Payroll Statuary —–> Yes


Creation of Payroll Masters

• Employee Group
• Employee
• Unit (work)
• Attendance /Production type
• Pay Heads
• Payroll Voucher Types

Creating Employee Group

Gateway of tally ——> Create ——-> Payroll Masters ——> Employee Group

  1. Administrator
  2. Sales
  3. R & D (Research and Development)
  4. Manager
  5. Staff

Creating Employee

Gateway of tally ——> Create ——-> Payroll Masters ——> Employee

  1. Rohit Dawal (Under – Administrator)
  2. Rahul Dawal (Under – Sales)
  3. Manali (Under – R & D)
  4. Krantilal (Under – Manager)
  5. Nilesh Kulkarni (Under – Staff)

Creating Units (Work)

Gateway of tally ——> Create ——-> Payroll Masters ——> Units (Work)

Hrs of 60MinsCompoundHrs of 60 Mins

Creating Simple Units

  1. Hrs (Hours)
  2. Mins (Minutes)
  3. Sec (Seconds)

Note: – Number of decimal Places: 2

Creating Compound Units

Type: Compound

hrs of 60 min


Creating Attendance / Production Type

Gateway of tally ——> Create ——-> Payroll Masters ——> Attendance / Production Type

NameUnderAttendance/Production TypePeriod Type
PresentPrimaryAttendance/ Leave with PayDays
AbsentPrimaryLeave without PayDays
OvertimePrimaryProductionHrs of 60 Mins

Creating Pay Heads

Gateway of tally ——> Create ——-> Payroll Masters ——> Pay Heads