POS (Point of Sales)

POS is an acronym for Point of Sale. Point of Sale could mean a retail shop, a check-out counter in a shop or any other location, where a sales transaction takes place. The various POS equipment used in retail outlets are Cash registers, card readers and barcode scanners.

It is a computerized Cash Register which adds the sales total, computes the State sales tax or VAT calculates the change from the money tendered and automatically adjusts the store’s inventory to debit the amount of inventory sold.

The POS (Point-of-Sale) feature allows you to create POS Invoices and allows receipt of payments from the customers and prints them in the required formats.

The payments against POS Invoices are generally made by way of Cash, Gift Vouchers, and Cheque/Drafts or through Credit/Debit Cards.  To account for receipt of payments from customers by different modes, set the required option to Yes and select the required ledger in the respective fields.

To create POS Voucher,

Gateway of Tally —–> Create—–> Voucher Type

Name: – POS Invoice

Types of vouchers: Sales

Abbrv. Sale.

Method of voucher numbering: – Automatic

Use Advance Configuration: – No.

Use Common narration: – Yes

Printing: –

Print after saving voucher: – Yes

Use for POS invoicing: – Yes

Print massage 1: – Thanks You

Print massage 2: – Visit again

Default print title: – POS Invoice

Declaration: – Goods Sold cannot be change or returned

Assignments: –

  • Sold goods to Rajas and Co & Invoice are.
Stock ItemqtyrateDiscount
Plastic Ruler5pcs14/pcs2.2%
Natraj Pencil8pcs19/pcs3.1%
Small School bag9pcs350/pcs3.5%

Gateways of Tally—> Vouchers—-> Sales Voucher (F8) —-> Select POS Invoice