Post Date Voucher

While entering vouchers, you can mark them as postdated, as a result these vouchers are not updated in the ledgers till the date specified in the voucher.

This is useful for entering transactions that take place on a regular basis. For example, if you issue postdated Cheque towards payment of installments, you can set up the payments in advance, and Tally. ERP 9 will only update them in the ledgers on the due date.

Mark vouchers Post Dated by using CTRL + T or click on the button Postdated from the Button Bar. This button toggles between Current and Post Dated.

Gateway of Tally —–> Display—–> Exception Reports——> Post-Dated Vouchers

To understand it clearly follow the steps

STEP 1 :-
Pass the entry in voucher mode
on 1-5-2021, Purchase goods from Aavita and Co. of Rs. 7500.
on 1-6-2021, Purchase goods from Aayush and Co. of Rs. 25000.

STEP 2 :- on 1-9-2021, Purchase goods from Rakesh Corporation of rs. 15000.

STEP 3 :- After passing the entry check the balance sheet amount

STEP 4 :- Then, go to day book and select the step 2 entry, press CTRL + T to make it post dated entry and press CTRL + A

STEP 5 :- And again check balance sheet amount.

hence, it becomes a post dated voucher.