Purchase Voucher in tally prime

Purchase voucher record all the entries related to purchase including cash & credit. The entry for cash purchase is automatically entered in the cash book or bank book.

Purchase Vouchers is used when you have to purchase some goods from any party and you get an invoice against cash or credit purchase from the party.

Goods Purchase may be

  1. Purchase by Cash
  2. Purchase on Credit

Gateway of tally ——> Voucher ——> Purchase (F9)

How to Select/Change Voucher mode in tally?

  1. Press Ctrl + H (Change mode)
  2. From Voucher mode 
  3. Select as Voucher

How to enable bill wise entry in Purchase Voucher?

Press F12 (Configure)

  • Show list of bills for selection —–> Yes
  • Show Final Balance for each bill —–> Yes
  • Show Bill-wise details —–> Yes
  • Show table of bill of selection ——> Yes
  • Show Bill-wise details in multiple line —–> Yes

Ledger Configuration(F12)

  • Maintain balance bill by bill —–> Yes (While Creating ledgers)

Method of Adjustments: –

Advance:This method is used to payment or receipt without any previous due arisen to the party
Against ref:Is used for adjustment against any exiting dues.
New ref:Is used for creating any due
On account:For lump sum amount

Note: – When We create Purchase Voucher Party’s Name is always under Sundry Creditor and Also Create a Purchase A/c which is under Purchase Account.

Purchase goods of Rs. 5500 from Abc and Co. on credit of 10 days on 01/05/2023 with bill no is abc/may/01.

  • Cr. Abc and Co. (Sundry Creditors)
  • Dr. Purchase A/C (Purchase Account)

Purchase Goods in Cash worth Rs. 2500 on 1/4/2023.

  • Cr. Cash
  • Dr. Purchase A/C

  • Purchase furniture from decent decorator’s worth of Rs. 8000 on 2-4-2023.

Press F12 (configure) Then,

  • Allow expenses/fixed assets in Purchase voucher —-> Yes (Tally ERP 9)

  • Cr. Decent decorators (Sundry Debtors)
  • Dr. furniture (fixed assets)

Purchase stationary item worth Rs. 4500 on credit from Shiva and Co. Stationary on 1/7/2023.

  • Cr. Shiva and Co
  • Dr. Printing and Stationary Expenses

Purchase of Drinking water from Himalaya Springs on credit for Rs 1000 on 1-5-2023

  • Dr. Staff welfare Expenses
  • Cr. Himalaya Spring

Purchase Voucher Assignment: –

01)1/04/2023Purchase goods from Rahul Traders of Rs.80000/- where bill number is rahul/apr/01 on Credit of 31 days.
02)1/04/2023Purchase goods from rishi Enterprises of Rs.26,000/- bill no. rishi/apr/01 on credit of 30 days.
03)2/05/2023Purchase goods from Manoj Traders of Rs.58,000/-where bill number is manoj/may/01 on credit of 31 days.
04)1/5/2023Purchase goods of Rs.30,000/- by cash.
05)1/05/2023Purchase goods from Seema and Co Ltd. of Rs.55,000/- where bill number is seema/may/02 on credit of 26 days.
06)1/04/2023Purchase goods from Rashmika Ltd. of Rs.75,000/- bill no. rasmika/apr/02 on credit of 21 days.
07)1/04/2023Purchase goods of Rs.60,000/- from Sameer and Co. By cash.
08)1/04/2023Purchase goods of Rs 25,000 /- from Pranam and Co. on credit of 30 days bill no. pranam/apr/01.
09)2/04/2023Purchase goods of Rs.80,000/- from Sakshi & Co. by cash.
10)2/05/2023Purchase goods of Rs.60,000/- bill no. Mohan/may/01 from Mohan Traders on credit of 24 days.
11)2/05/2023Purchase goods of Rs.30,000/- bill no. sam/may/01 from Sameer and Co. on credit of 30 days.

Display Reports: –

  • Display All Journal Entries

Gateway of Tally (G.O.T.) —-> Display —–> Day Book

  • Display Purchase

Gateway of Tally (G.O.T.)> Display ——> Account Books ——> Purchase Register

  • Display Payable

Gateway of Tally (G.O.T.) –> Display —> Statements of accountant —> Outstanding —> Payable