Purchase Voucher

Purchase voucher record all the entries related to purchase including cash & credit. You need to enter the item details if inventory value gets affected due to purchase.

The entry for cash purchase is automatically entered in the cash book or bank book.

Purchase Vouchers is used when you have to purchase some goods from any party and you get an invoice against cash or credit purchase from the party.

Gateway of tally ——> Vouchers ——> Purchase (F9)

How to Change Mode to item invoice in tally?

  1. Gateway of tally
  2. Vouchers
  3. Purchase (F9)
  4. Change mode (Ctrl + H)
  5. From List of mode
  6. Select Item invoice

Setting for Bill-wise Entry

Press F12 (Configure)

  1. Use common Ledger Account for item Allocation – Yes (to show Purchase ledger)
  2. Use defaults for Bill-wise Details for Bill Allocation – No (to get New Reference for bill wise entry)

Notes for Purchase Voucher: –

  1. Party A/c name: Sundry Creditors
  2. Purchase ledger: – Purchase A/c

Setting Bill-wise details while creating ledger

  • Maintain Balance Bill by bill —–> Yes (to get New reference in Methods of Adjustment for bill wise entry)

To Edit or Modify any ledger, stock item —–> Ctrl + Enter

To Create anything (like stock item, stock group, unit, party name etc.)  —–> Alt + C

Method of Adjustments: –

Advance:This method is used to payment or receipt without any previous due arisen to the party
Against ref:Is used for adjustment against any exiting dues.
New ref:Is used for creating any due
On account:For lump sum amount

Do the following entry for the given company

02/04/2023Purchase 60 Elegance pen @Rs.125 each & 60 Designers @Rs.225 each from Nirala Corporation on 60 days credit   Bill no. NC/APR/001 goods stored Bandra Godown.
01/04/2023Purchased 200 units of 400 pages Note Books from Samarth Stationery@Rs.22 each bill no. SS/APR/001 goods delivered to Virar Godown.
01/05/2023Purchase new stock at A550 0.5 pen of 300 pieces @ Rs.45 each and 410pcs of A340 0.5 Gel pen @Rs.30 from Krishna Pvt Ltd   bill no. KPL/MAY/001 goods delivered to Virar Godown.
02/05/2023Purchased 60 Small School bag from Radha Pvt Ltd @ Rs.250 each   bill no. RPL/MAY/001 goods delivered to Virar Godown.
01/06/2023Purchased 150 Rotomac Fighter from Pilot (India) Ltd. @ Rs.12 each bill no. PIL/JUNE/001 goods delivered to Bandra Godown.
02/06/2023Purchased 1200 Plastic Ruler @Rs.2.00 each and 500 Steel Ruler @12 each from My Choice Stationery Bill no. MCS/JUNE/001 goods delivered to Bandra Godown.
01/07/2023Purchased 90 Large School bag @Rs.380 each from Radha Pvt Ltd   Bill No. RPL/JULY/002 goods delivered to Bandra Godown.
02/07/20232000 Star Pencil @Rs.1.00 purchased from My Choice Stationery   Bill No. MCS/JULY/001 by cash goods delivered to Bandra Godown.
01/08/2023Purchased 200 Style Rotomac pen @Rs.35 each from Pilot (India) Ltd.    Bill no. PIL/AUGUST/001 goods delivered to Bandra Godown.
02/08/2023Purchase 10 MOTO G5 @Rs.15000 per unit from Alfa Pvt Ltd. On credit of 30 days   bill no. APL/AUGUST/001 goods delivered to Virar Godown.

Display Reports: –

Display All Journal Entries

  • Gateway of Tally (G.O.T.) —–> Display ——> Day Book

Display Ledger Wise Journal Entries Report

  • Gateway of Tally (G.O.T.) ——> Display ——> Account Books ——> Ledger

Display Group Wise Journal Entries Report

  • Gateway of Tally (G.O.T.) ——> Display —–> Account Books ——> Group Summary

Display Purchase Register

  • Gateway of Tally (G.O.T.) —–> Display ——> Account Books ——> Purchase Register

Display Payable

  • Gateway of Tally —-> Display —-> Statements of Accountant —-> Outstanding —> Payable