Add Additional Cost of Purchase on Stock Items in TallyPrime

While purchasing a product there are few additional charges or expenses which have to be paid, are tracked in this function.

When you purchase stock items in your business, you pay the price quoted by the vendor. However, in some cases, you also pay the additional charges, quoted in a lump sum for one or more stock items.

How to enable Track additional costs for purchase?

Gateway of tally—->Alter—–> Voucher type —–>Purchase —->Track additional costs for Purchase—>Yes

Purchase Voucher with Additional Cost of Purchase on Stock Items (Item Invoice Mode)

For Example: –

Company purchased 2 pieces of HCL computer from Novelty and Co. for Rs. 25,000. Some additional expenses were made as follow: Wages Rs. 1,000, Octroi Rs. 2,000 and Transportation Rs. 2,000.

Ledger creation: –

  1. Novelty and Co. (Sundry Creditors)
  2. Purchase A/c (Purchase Accounts)
  3. Wages (Direct expenses)
  4. Octroi (Direct expenses)
  5. Transportation (Direct expenses)

Now Create Purchase Voucher,


Now Press Ctrl + H to get Voucher mode from Invoice mode i.e. Dr. and Cr.


Assignments: –

  • On 1/4/2023, Company Purchase 50PCS of Logitech Keyboard @ Rs.450 each & 75PCS of Intex Mouse @ Rs210 each from Suresh Chandra. Additional cost details are as follows:
Name of ItemPacking Charge on Purchase (in Rs)Cartage Charges (in Rs)
Logitech Keyboard1000500
Intex Mouse750250
  • On 2-4-2023, Purchase 5 Samsung washing machine each 16600 rupees from Krishna and co from Andheri where labour charges was 850, transport charges were 2500. Then what will be final rate of washing machine at your location.
  • On 1/5/2023, Purchase 50 small bag each 166 rupees from Radha Pvt ltd from Bandra where, carriage charges was 250 Then what will be final rate of small bag at your location.
  • On 2/5/2023, Purchase 200unit 400 pages notebook each 35 rupees from Samarth stationery from Goregaon where carton charges were 85, packing charges was 100.
  • 1/6/2023, Purchase 1200 large bag each 200 rupees from my choice stationery from Borivali where transaction charges were 550, carriage charges were 105.