VBA Workbook Methods

The VBA Workbook Methods represents a workbook in Excel. You can use the Workbooks collection to access all the Workbook objects in Excel. Here are some of the methods that you can use with the Workbook object:

Activate To Activate a Workbook​
Open To Open a Workbook​
Close To Close a Workbook​
Add To Create New Workbook​
Save To Save a Workbook​
SaveAs To Saves a Workbook​
SaveCopyAs To SaveCopyAs a Workbook​
Kill To Delete Workbook​
Protect To Protect a Workbook​ structure (like delete/add/move to sheet)
Mkdir To Create New Folder​

MkDir and RmDir statement

You can use the MkDir statement to create a new directory and the RmDir statement to remove an existing directory or folder in VBA.

Workbook Open, Close, Save, Saveas Method

The Workbook object in VBA represents a workbook in Excel. The Open, Close, Save, Saveas, Activate and Export to PDF etc. are some of the methods that you can use with the Workbook object: