What is Windows?

Windows is a graphical operating system developed by Microsoft company. It allows users to view and store files, run the software, play games, watch videos, and provides a way to connect to the internet. 

First version of window i.e., Window 1.0, was introduced by Microsoft in 10 November 1983. After that company develop many new versions of windows. The current and latest version is Window 11.

Versions of Microsoft Windows

Since 1983, Microsoft is producing Windows. The founder of Microsoft \’Bill Gates\’ announced for Microsoft Windows on 10 November 1983 and released the first version of Windows in 1985. The following table contains history of Windows from edition 1 to 11.

Windows 1.020 November 1985Windows XP25 October 2001
Windows 2.09 December 1987Windows VistaJanuary 2007
Windows 3.022 May 1990Windows 722 October 2009
Windows 3.115 April 1992Windows 8  26 October 2012
Windows 9524 August 1995Windows 8.117 October 2013
Windows 985 May 1999Windows 1029 July 2015
Windows 200017 February 2000Window 11 

What is software?

Software is another name for a program.  A program is a set of instructions that tell a computer how to process data into the form of you want. Software comprises the entire set of programs, procedures, and routines associated with the operation of a computer system.

There are two major kinds of software.

  1. System software
  2. Application software

System software’s are designed to run computers whereas application software is created for specific use of end users.

System software enables the application software to interact with the computer hardware. In other words, system software is background software that help the computer manage its own internal resources.

System software is collection of programs that includes

  1. Operating system (OS)
  2. Utilities
  3. Device driver

Operating system are program that coordinate computer resources, provide a user interface between users and the computer, and run applications.

Smartphone, Tablets and other mobile devices are knowing as Embedded Operating System (EOS) also knows as Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).

Desktop Computer use Stand-Alone Operating System (SAOS) Like windows 7, 10,11 and macOS.

Network use Network Operating System (NOS)

Utilities perform specific task related to managing computer resources. One of the most essential utility programs that every computer system must have been an Antivirus program.

Device driver are specialised program designed to allow particular input or output device to communicate with the rest of computer system

Application Software

Application software’s are also called as end-user software. There are mainly three types of application software. That are

  1. General Purpose (MS word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)
  2. Specialised (Photoshop, CorelDRAW etc)
  3. Mobile Application (All mobile Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp)

What is Notepad?

Windows Notepad is a simple text editor for Windows; it creates and edits plain text documents.

Default file extension of notepad file is “.txt “

The default Notepad font is Lucida Console, Regular, and font size is 10

How to open notepad in window 10?

Click on start button —–> Windows Accessories ——> Notepad

Window or Start button + R (Run) —–> Type Notepad ——> Press Enter or OK button

What is WordPad?

WordPad is the basic word processor that has been included with almost all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 on.

It is more advanced than Windows Notepad, and simpler than Microsoft Word and Microsoft Works. WordPad replaced Microsoft Write.

Default file extension of WordPad file is  “ . RTF “ (Rich text format)

The default WordPad font is Calibri, Regular, and font size is 11

How to open WordPad in window 10 ?

Click on start button —–> Windows Accessories ——> WordPad

Window or Start button + R (Run) —–> Type WordPad ——> Press Enter or OK button