Zero value entry is used when you want to pass the entry without any amount, as you do not know the exact amount you will have to pay.

How to enable Zero value entry in tally?

  1. Gate way of Tally
  2. Alter
  3. Voucher types
  4. Purchase or Sales
  5. Allow Zero-valued transaction—–> Yes

Do the following entry,

On 2/4/2023, Company Sold 10 mouse each rate is 548.00 /- rupees and 12 keyboards to Novelty and Co. where keyboard rate in not known with bill no NC/apr/526.

Gateways of Tally—> Accounting Vouchers—-> Sales Voucher (F8)

Party’s A/c Name: – Novelty and Co.

Sales Ledger: – Sales   A/c

Name of ItemQuantityRateAmount

To view the entry U have passed, go to

Gateways of tally—-> Display—–> Day Book —–> Novelty and co.

Assignments: –

  1. On 1/6/2023, Company Purchase from Samarth stationery is 50 qty large bag where rate in not given and purchase 25 qty 400 pages note books each book rate is 52 /- with bill no. SS/june/495.
  • On 2-6-2023, Company sales to Bhavik stores plastic ruler is 250 qty each at 5 rupees and star pencil is 100 qty where rate in not known and 52 qty of 100-page notebooks each book at 35 rupees with bill no. B/79.
  • On 1/7/2023, Company purchased from Samarth Stationary 5 qty of LG TV for Rs. 15,000 each and gets 1 qty of Oscar DVD free with bill no. SS/July/854.
  • On 2/7/2023, Company sales to Bhavik stores 10 small school bag each at 255 rupees and get 20 qty of star pencil as free with bill no. BS/hl/157.